Le Nostre Pubblicazioni negli USA

Trinacria Editions LLC is the English-language division of Italy-based Officina Trinacria, incorporated in 2006. We're the only publishing house south of Rome with an American division specialized in English language publishing.

But Trinacria doesn't just publish books dealing with Sicily. Our authors come from every part of Italy, and from as far away as New York and Los Angeles. Some of our titles are works in translation, from Italian, while others are written originally in English. Trinacria's international network offers distribution in bookstores as well as the websites of Amazon and (in the United States) Barnes & Noble.

Our wide range of subjects includes history, culture, cooking, travel, social issues, fiction and children's books. Trinacria's books are published in paper as well as digital formats – it's estimated that ebooks released for Kindle™ and other readers will account for almost half the American market by the end of 2014.

We believe in the use of cutting-edge technology backed by traditional publishing principles.

Boasting a cosmopolitan staff of Italians and Americans, Trinacria is a fully-independent publishing house that cooperates in programs with various partners, including Best of Sicily – Sicily's most popular international publication since 1999, with two million readers per year.


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